- Eshleman Hall - Bay View Room, 5th floor
Trainer: Mobomo with Miles McLean and Cameron Eagans

There are many ways to develop a Drupal site, but there are few that offer as many advantages as a fully self-contained, local environment. This training session will get hands on with setting up an environment from scratch using Docker containers to emulate production servers, Composer to manage packages, Drush to manage configuration, Drupal Console to generate code, and source code management to tie it all together. We’ll discuss the benefits of local development and the pitfalls of other methods. Common problem areas in local development will be examined and solutions will be created to work through them. At the end of the session, users will be comfortable with creating a new environment (or migrating an existing one) into a local containerized solution that could be utilized anywhere between prototyping to production.

Participants will need to bring their own machines to work with, and it is recommended that users have Docker (on Mac and Linux) or Docker Toolbox (on Windows) installed prior to the session. The native Docker installation for Windows is not suitable for this training.

What you will learn:

  • Docker container management

  • Managing dependencies with composer

  • Drush to manage the environment

  • Drush to export configuration

  • Drupal Console to create boilerplate code

  • Techniques to collaboratively manage local environments

  • Pros/cons of various development methods

Intended Audience: This session is designed for beginners to both container systems and Drupal. It will be technical in nature. Previous knowledge in either of these areas could be helpful, but not necessary. The subject material may be tedious to those with advanced knowledge of Drupal or Docker.


NOTE: This is a half-day training. Following this session will be "Continuous Integration: From 0 to CI Hero". If you already registered for that session, you do not have to register for this one. Likewise, if you register for this session we invite you to stick around for the CI training.

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