- Intermediate Career Center - Blue, 3rd Floor
Trainer: WeKnow with Jesus Manuel Olivas and Omar Aguirre

This training will provide an introduction to the most important changes for developers in Drupal 8, allowing students to practice Drupal OOP while at the same time providing a solid knowledge of the process of build modules for Drupal 8.

During the workshop, students will create a custom module and other components by using various APIs, plugins, and hooks.

By the end of the training, students will have a better understanding of Drupal 8 and how the introduction of Symfony components change the way modules should be written.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the basic concepts and new best practices included in Drupal 8 module development process
  • Learning the basic tools that can be used to create Drupal 8 modules including a code editor and Drupal Console 
  • Mastering the fundamentals of the HTTP request/response lifecycle
  • Understanding the new Drupal subsystems Mastering the new development workflow using Composer


  • Install Drupal 8 Using Composer to manage project dependencies.
  • Creating a custom Module
  • Creating a custom Page Including Route and Controller
  • Rendering a Twig Template
  • Creating a Config Form Integrated with Configuration Management
  • Creating a Block (Plugin)
  • Creating a Service
  • Debugging available Services in Drupal 8
  • Using dependency injection in custom Modules
  • Create an event subscriber
  • Overriding settings and configurations
  • Managing configuration changes through the CLI
  • Using Git to manage code and configuration changes

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?:

Any PHP developer with or without experience in Drupal, regardless of his seniority, will learn how to take advance of their background to create Drupal 8 applications in a faster and efficient way.

Prerequisites for this Course:

  • Previous PHP coding experience
  • OOP experience would be desired, but not mandatory
  • Comfortable working with CLI tools
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