- Intermediate Eshleman Hall - Bay View Room, 5th floor
Trainer: Tandem with Mike Pirog + Alec Reynolds

Continuous Integration (CI) methodologies and tools can deliver huge efficiency gains for web development teams. However, overburdened with feature requests and new projects, many development teams never have the time to learn and implement a CI workflow. Now is that time.

In this training, we provide hands-on instruction in how to setup a continuous integration workflow for your team using Github, TravisCI, and several popular hosting platforms (Pantheon and Platform.sh).

Topics Covered:

  • What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?
  • The why and how of Gitflow
  • Overview of CI services
  • Using TravisCI
  • How to improve QA processes
  • Basic automated testing concepts

Who Should Attend:

Although we encourage non-developers to attend, to participate in the hands-on portions of the training, you’ll need…

  • A laptop with Git working
  • A Github account
  • Experience using basic Git commands
  • A working code editor
  • Basic knowledge of code syntax

Contact us if you need suggestions on resources to meet these prerequisites.

Non-technical stakeholders who are involved in the day-to-day development process will gain a thorough understanding of how a CI workflow works and why one should be adopted, but they’ll get the most out of the training by attending with one or more of their development team.


NOTE: This is a half-day training. Before this session will be "Local Drupal 8 Development with Containers". If you already registered for that session, you do not have to register for this one. Likewise, if you register for this session we invite you to come in the morning for the Local Development training.

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