Pantheon is the website management platform top developers, marketers, and IT use to build, launch and run all their Drupal & WordPress websites. Pantheon includes all of the tools professional developers need to build best-practice sites—like staging environments, version control, backups and workflow. Powering 80,000+ sites with hundreds of millions of page views, Pantheon’s container-based infrastructure allows you to launch websites faster, without worrying about traffic spikes, security or performance. It’s free in development. You can scale in software on the same infrastructure from day one, and never touch a server again. Create your free account now!

Meet the Team

Matt Cheney
Dwayne McDaniel
Agency and Community Success Manager
David Needham
Agency & Community Training Manager
David Strauss
David Strauss
Greg Anderson
Open Source Contribution Engineer
Lauren Kelly
David Newton
Escalation Manager
Sophie Wicks
Sr. Platform Sales Executive

Job Postings

Customer Success Manager

Pantheon is seeking a passionate, driven, and energetic individual to join our Customer Success Team. The Customer Success Manager is a vital, technical, and customer-facing role within the team who ultimately owns the customer relationship.

Front End Engineer

Pantheon powers the world's professional websites. Our multi-tenant, container-based cloud platform enables businesses to run mission-critical Drupal & WordPress websites. Developers, Marketers, and IT professionals can instantly scale in response to unplanned traffic spikes, without upgrading VMs or clusters. Large enterprises use Pantheon, including Intel, Cisco, Arizona State University, and the United Nations.

Where We Will Be At

Wednesday, October 18

Friday, October 20