Kalamuna makes the Internet for rabble-rousing organizations driven to tinker, critique, and change things for the better. These groups inspire our work in design, strategy, user experience, and development.

Our clients embrace curiosity and provocation to solve our most important problems. They’re nonprofit execs using the web to instigate. They’re public servants using mobile for a more integrated city. They’re entrepreneurs offering sustainable products online. These people also like to tinker, to critique, and change the way things are. We believe this restless, rabble-rousing mindset is what gets anything worth doing done.

Kalamuna is based in Oakland, CA

Meet the Team

Crispin Bailey
Director of User Experience
Thiago de Mello Bueno
Sr. Designer
Derek DeRaps
Derek DeRaps
Senior Architect
Matthew Mack
Project Manager
Andrew Mallis
CEO & co-founder
Esther Vicent
Account Manager
Josh Walker
Front End Developer
Rob Loach
Katy Pool

Job Postings

FrontEnd Developer

You’re hungry to learn and experiment with new technologies and frameworks and contribute to creating this massive experiment we call the web. On the flip side, you keep an eye towards standards and accessibility, so the world (and its robot inhabitants) can experience your vision across multiple devices.

Where We Will Be At

Friday, October 20