Drupal Hosting for Developers

Host where you want

Host with our existing cloud providers or let our team set up amazee.io on your server of choice, no matter where the machine lives — even in your client's data center.

Develop locally

We provide a Docker-based local development environment that is 100% congruent with the production servers. This frees you from all the hassle that comes with different versions or configurations.

Pay for what you use 

Do not worry about CPU, RAM or other technical terms. Enjoy the speed and security of amazee.io. Our pricing is based on the hits on your site — true cloud pricing where you pay for what you use.

Meet the Team

Johanna Bergmann
Jon Clark
Account Manager
Felix Morgan
Marketing Coordinator
Elliot Schlegelmilch
Michael Schmid
Bastian W
"Do-It-Live"-Ops Engineer
Tyler Ward
Systems Engineer

Where We Will Be At

Friday, October 20

Saturday, October 21