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We’ve all seen Google results that feature detailed contact and location information, recipe details and reviews, browsable discographies and more when we’re looking for information. These kind of rich search results give users instant access to the most actionable and shareable content on your website, creating a great user experience before they even get to your site. What kind of dark arts are site owners using to create this kind of detailed, rich information that search engines gobble up and use to create meaningful, easy to digest search results for their audiences? The answer lies in structured data formats.

Attendees will leave this talk with a basic understanding of what structured data is, the formats available, and what types of structured data benefit a site the most when it comes to SEO. We’ll also look at what tools are available to most efficiently use these principles within Drupal.

[NOTE: After Q&A and some research, I've corrected the information on document placement for JSON-LD script tags in these uploaded slides.]

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