Eshleman Hall - Bay View Room, 5th floor Beginner EclipseGc

Drupal contrib has long attempted to provide page layout tools to augment what Drupal core's block placement utilities can do. Over the many years and many version of Drupal core tools like:

  • Panels
  • Display Suite
  • Page Manager
  • Beans
  • Context
  • Panelizer
  • Paragraphs

and many many more have been created to help site builders craft the pages they want and need. Drupal core has ambitions to overtake this space and provide a much more capable and robust "minimum viable product" for page layout. The Layouts team has devoted significant resource over the last number of years and especially the last few months to realize a new Layout Tool that attempts to assemble a best-of-breed layout tool that benefits from most of the strengths of the various contrib solutions and assembles them into a cohesive whole.

Come expecting to see:

  • A demo of the current solution in action
  • A list of outstanding issues
  • A vision of core's page layout future
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