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Amazee Labs prides itself on delivering projects our clients love. Our scrum teams turn out projects like a well-oiled machine, working in tandem with a client-side PO in an agile way to gather specifications, build, test, and deploy. Rinse, repeat.

But what happens when you start working on a project which turns your way of working upside down? How do you keep your sanity and support your team while keeping your client happy?

This year, team Austin landed a great client who we adore, but who came with a lot of baggage. Everything is different, from deployments and workflows to conflicting Scrum methodology and many people wearing a Project Manager hat. Don't even get me started on disparate terminology. The heck is a timebox? 

With a multi-department sign-off process and a complex org structure, no decision is quickly or easily won. 

To make matters worse, we thought it would be a great time to throw a completely new technology at the team. Here, learn React! 

The good news is, we're delivering great work, and our joint team is now stronger than ever. 

I can’t tell you how to fix your client woes, but I can tell you what's worked for us.

It involves a lot of meetings. But you knew that. 

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