MLK Student Union - Tilden Intermediate wjackson / sean_e_dietrich

This session is an introduction to Docker, optimized to provide insight on how the container-based model can optimize Drupal development and complement traditional development practices.

Docker images and Dockerfiles makes collaborating and ramping up with projects a breeze and drastically reduce the amount of time required to create a working development environment for your Drupal based projects.

Docksal, an open-source tool can be leveraged to define and manage your docker based development environments. Docksal ensures that all developers are using the same software versions, regardless of their individual environments, and is compatible with MacOS, Linux, and Windows. 

Attendees are encouraged to have a firm grasp of development workflows, the command line, and a basic understanding of general system administration tasks.

Attendees Will Leave With:
• A basic understanding of Docker and how it can expedite the creation of Drupal development environments.
• How to implement a Docker based solution that best fits their needs.
• Where to go for community resources for Drupal Development with Docker


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