MLK Student Union - Tilden Beginner iamEAP

Each line of code you change increases the probability of your application breaking.  It follows that as your deployment amasses more changes, the probability that your app will break increases too.  Continuous Delivery is a software development practice that aims to make shipping software safer by making deployments simpler, smaller, and routine.

Although test automation and continuous integration are important pieces of that puzzle, continuous delivery is much more.  It involves not just technology, but also people and process.  In this session, I aim to demystify CI/CD for Drupal through the lens of my experience growing a dev team from one to a dozen at Tableau.  We will also look at wisdom from outside of the Drupal world, gained by dev teams growing from dozens to hundreds.

Walk away from this session with ideas for your own Drupal development practices, including:

  • The psychology behind getting code to production
  • Strategies for communicating and coordinating deploys
  • Infrastructure and technology you'll need to ship frequently
  • Tooling and automation you'll need to keep developers productive
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