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This interactive presentation, by members of the global Drupal Security Team, will outline a range of common vulnerabilities in Drupal websites. You will watch Security Team members try to hack these sites and share their thought process as they go. You'll learn how to think like an attacker so you can better understand common vulnerabilities and we'll cover best practices for configuring and protecting your sites. Finally, we’ll share how the Drupal Security team oversees security across this global open source community.


The Drupal content management platform is increasingly popular in higher education and is used by hundreds of major universities including: Stanford, Harvard, and UC-Berkeley. Websites in higher education need to be especially cognizant of web security, especially when FERPA- protected information may be at stake. While web security can be intimidating to beginners — including early-career web developers — it's not difficult to maintain a secure Drupal website. We'll share best practices and recommendations as to how to approach security for your site.

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