MLK Student Union - Tilden Beginner Anne

We all know that every good, juicy story must have a compelling beginning that draws the reader in, action throughout to keep us engaged and an ending that wraps up the story elements into a satisfying ending.

In the case of your website, those story elements are the criteria that will provide a way to clearly demonstrate what your website must be able to do so that your users can accomplish the goals your organization has set. Like a good story, a good website needs to draw your desired audience in, keep the user engaged through their journey on your site until they take the desired actions and complete their journey.

Whether it’s signing up for an event, filling out a form or applying for a job, in this session, we explore how to craft no-fail user acceptance stories to help define everything your website needs to do. Utilize this no-fail approach to outlining the needs and requirements of your site and ensure that everyone in your organization gets the results they’re looking for.


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