Eshleman Hall - Bay View Room, 5th floor Beginner areynolds

Project success may be measured in KPIs, but hitting your numbers relies on understanding the people behind them.

User testing is a simple, inexpensive, and effective method for vetting our designs, prototypes, and site builds. Unfortunately, many organizations believe that user testing takes too long or requires hiring an expensive specialist consultant.

In this presentation, I’ll show how your organization can conduct its own user testing to help projects achieve success. We’ll cover…

  • Personas and Interviews: Understanding your stakeholder audience

  • Analytics: Using data to create hypotheses around user needs

  • Technology and Tools: Running remote testing on a budget

  • Designing Tests: How to get usable feedback

  • Analysis: Interpreting quantitative and qualitative metrics

  • Timeline: How testing differs before, during, and after development starts

We’ll use a real-life case study where Tandem taught user testing techniques to one of our clients and helped them run their own (remote) user tests. This session is great for anyone who works on web projects and is interested in informing project decisions with user needs.

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