Eshleman Hall - Bay View Room, 5th floor Intermediate shawndearmond / jkealy

The University of California System is big. Like, really really big. 10 campuses, plus a couple auxiliary units employ 21,200 academic staff, 144,000 administrative staff and serve 251,000 students.

Because of the distributed nature of the UC System, each campus has their own Drupal 7 distribution. If they were lucky. Some campuses had more than one. This was indeed the Wild West of Drupal.

Some of us realized that with the release of Drupal 8, we have an opportunity to join forces and collaborate on building the best Drupal distribution for Higher Education.

Well, we have. And it's called SiteFarm.

Because of this effort, we stand to realize significant security, stability, accessibility, and consistency gains across all campuses. Not to mention, reducing duplication of work. So much duplication of work...

In this session, we'll cover:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Building a grassroots collaboration
  • Establishing governance
  • Development
  • Automated testing
  • Evangelism
  • Success!
  • Future plans

And yes, we'll do a show-and-tell.

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