MLK Student Union - Stephens Lounge Intermediate ctrladel

Have you

  • Looked at a class, seen nothing but {@inheritdoc} and been annoyed? 
  • Gotten tired of using kint() and page reloads to view variable values?
  • Forgotten a use statement at the top of your file?
  • Had your merge requests and patches rejected due to code styling? 
  • Missed a required method when implementing an interface? 

Then this session for you.

This session will cover how to use many of the tools in PHPStorm that make developing for D8 faster and easier. We'll look at how tools like phpcs and phpmd will warn you about your code style violations. Do an overview of the most useful shortcuts and interfaces provided by PHPStorm that make looking up function documentation and writing new code a breeze. And end with using Xdebug to make debugging and developing with unfamiliar code seem easy.


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