MLK Student Union - Stephens Lounge Intermediate pirog

Come see (and then use!) the future of local development tools: Lando, a free, open source and cross platform devops tool that is also the most advanced, powerful and easy local development environment in the galaxy.

Lando is, on a high level, dependency management for local development and DevOps. Via a simple lives-in-repo config file a user can specify

1. Infrastructure their project needs to run (eg redis, nginx, solr)
2. Helper services (eg mailhog, phpmyadmin, xdebug)
3. Development tools (eg grunt, drush, composer)
4. Common automation tasks (eg drush cc all after i pull a database)

You can use one of our prebaked recipe start states and get running in a few seconds or build out more complicated config on your own using our excellent docs, examples and tutorials.

Additionally Lando offers powerful integration with the Pantheon Website Management Platform and GitHub so you can easily pull down your site and get rolling.

In this session we will

1. Show some Lando basics
2. Show the various Lando recipes (primarily Drupal but also touch briefly on other possible tech)
3. Demo some Lando
4. Show some automation tasks with Lando
5. Show how easy it is to do testing and CI with Lando

Session takeaways: 

1. Attendees will walk away with MAMP not on their computer anymore.

2. Attendees will walk away without needing to ever install another dev tool.

3. Attendees will walk away with a feeling of intense liberation having been freed from the mind-forged manacles of VM based local dev.

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