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New to Twig? It's a robust and elegant template engine for PHP. Once I started working with Twig, I instantly took to it and here's why: it's lightweight, fairly quick to pick up, and very readable. Not only that, but I feel like I have ultimate control over the markup, including wrapping elements and rendering exactly the output I need. Thanks to the hard work and vision of the Drupal community, theming in Drupal has never been more dreamy!  

Regardless of whether you are a novice to front-end development in Drupal or a veteran, if you are ready to take your project’s markup powerfully into your own hands then this talk is for you. 

During this session, I will take you through my personal journey getting comfortable with Drupal 8 theming, including: 

  • a brief intro into twig
  • the debugging process of sorting through twig variables using xdebug in PHPStorm 
  • talk through other helpful debugging tools at our disposal
  • share common patterns I found helpful for rendering content in twig files
  • note inevitable changes that have taken place along the way

You'll leave my session knowing what debugging tools are at your disposal, which template file names to use and why, what twig variables adequately represent the content you wish to display, and a greater sense of confidence while theming in Drupal 8.

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