MLK Student Union - East Pauley Ballroom Intermediate zakiya

In Drupal 7, we front end developers could hack away a most themes and modules to get the output we needed with dpm and a little hutspa. Drupal 8's sophisticated code base means we need a few more tools to get and modify our data beyond what Twig provides. This session will be a survey of browser extensions, modules, applications and PHP tricks that will make debugging and variable inspection a great deal easier. Each tool will be shown with a video demonstration.

Tools we'll cover:

  • Error Logs
  • Browser Developer Tools
  • Drupal Debug Settings
  • Drupal Template Helper
  • Drupal Console
  • PHP and Twig Dump Functions
  • Symfony Vardumper
  • Twig Tweak
  • Kint (and how to optimize it)
  • Webprofiler
  • Xdebug
  • devel_breakpoint
  • try/catch
  • Writing to File
  • Writing to Database
  • Cache Busting
  • IDE


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