MLK Student Union - East Pauley Ballroom Beginner jasonsavino

Whether your designer uses Fractal or PatternLab, implementing Atomic Design Patterns can be challenging within the Drupal landscape.

Many Site Builders take full advantage of the Display Modes for Entities making our job as a Frontend Developer much more complex. If the build solution includes Display Suites, Panels, or other such module then our job becomes increasingly more difficult.

Enter UI Patterns!

"The UI Patterns module allows you to define and expose self-contained UI patterns as Drupal 8 plugins and use them seamlessly as drop-in templates for panels, field groups, views, Display Suite view modes and field templates."

I have been using the UI Patterns module in combination with PatternLabs for a while now and have be nothing less than thrilled ... and I am not even using it to it's fullest.

Key Topics Covered:

- Basic UI Patterns concept

- Creating your first UI Pattern

- Using UI Patterns as a layout

- Using UI Patterns as a Field Group

- Using UI Patterns with Display Suite

- Integrations with PatternLabs


After the session I will also be holding a hands-on BOF where we can poke holes in my approach and come away stronger for the experience.

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