Beginner Katy

So, you know what nodes and modules are, how to configure your views, maybe you've even tried your hand at panels and blocks. But where do you go from there? The chasm between site building and web development can seem awfully wide, and it can be difficult to take the initial leap.

In this session I'll tell you how I went from a part-time site-builder with no technical background to a full-stack support developer. Along the way, we'll cover some basic concepts that take your site-building chops and apply them to the wide world of module development, theming, and debugging. Some things we'll cover include:

  • Theme functions
  • Templates
  • Custom modules
  • issue queues
  • Devel
  • Watchdog & error logs
  • Drush
  • Basic performance concepts such as caching & aggregation

With a little bit of persistence and curiosity, anyone can learn how to take their Drupal skills to the next level.


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