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The first challenge of any Front-end Developer is knowing when to stop theming a page and to start building a design system.  It is too easy to focus on the homepage, landing page or detail page of a site without ever thinking how the components on a page may be used.  This often leads to extraneous markup, bloated CSS and technical debt that increases the complexity of your Drupal 8 site.

Join us as we take a look at what makes up a design system, the tools available to manage our system and how that system can be translated to be used not just with Drupal but any website that understands Twig.

Topics include:

  • Breaking down a design into components, layouts, and pages before writing HTML.

  • Identifying how components, layouts and pages translate to Drupal before site building.

  • Managing your Design System with Pattern Lab, Twig and YML.

  • Tips for keeping your Design system DRY

  • How to integrate your Design System with any CMS that uses Twig and YML

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