Oops! We were basking so much in the 2017 afterglow, we sent you the link to last year's BADCamp. Here is the proper link for submitting your session for BADCamp 2018.

Submit Your Session Proposal Today!

We are excited to have you join this crazy circus! 
Submissions for sessions close on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 11:59 pm PT


Whether you’re a veteran presenter or brand new to speaking at Drupal events – if you have an idea to propose, a lesson learned, tips and tricks that could help others, or something beautiful you want to reveal, we encourage you to propose a session at BADCamp and share your knowledge with us. 

Submit Your Session Proposal Today!


Supercharge Your Session Proposal!

Tell Your Story
A high-quality speaking proposal isn’t just about what information you are going to share, it’s about how you plan to share it. Telling a story can make a conference proposal very powerful as it changes the perspective from “I’m an expert telling you how to do your job” to “I’ve been where you are and have felt your pain. Let me share what I learned.”

Share Your Takeaways
Often, talks answer questions that start with “how”, “why”, “when” and so on. Make sure that you demonstrate what your audience will walk away having learned.

We’re looking for topics for the following tracks:

  • Coding & Development
  • Design, Theme, & UX
  • Site Building & Using Drupal
  • DevOps, Performance, Security, & Privacy
  • Business & Community
  • Project Management