ThinkShout is comprised of a passionate team of individuals working to create social change and cultural awareness through innovation, strategic thinking, and open source contributions. You’ll appreciate and enjoy the work because you believe in the missions of the nonprofits and organizations we serve. The time you invest into the nonprofits we serve will have a significant impact locally, throughout the country and around the world. Our team values working together because we’ve created a supportive environment where we can share our expertise and learn from each other. You’ll finish each day knowing you used energy and skills for something you can be proud of.

Technical Architects at ThinkShout are the leaders of the development teams that deliver world-class open source solutions built with Drupal, WordPress, PHP, Symfony, Angular, Ember, Ruby, Jekyll, Node.js or anything else that serves our clients. Technical Architects work closely with clients and project leadership in managing the development team. They develop specifications and budgets, review code and architect solutions that address client needs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct code reviews and provide mentorship and feedback to other developers.
  • Lead client meetings and interactions in partnership with Project and Account Managers.
  • Collaborate with the Strategy and UX teams to develop project specifications.
  • Develop budgets, user stories, and implementation plans with other project leads.
  • Estimate development progress and assess risks during implementations.
  • Identify new technologies and development practices to provide the best possible guidance to our internal team and clients.

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