Directly reporting to our CTO and in close interaction with our Compliance, Engineering and Infrastructure Operations teams, you will be responsible for:

  • high availability of platforms, their up-scaling and automatization (auto-remediation, auto-scaling, predictive maintenance, …)
  • creating and standardizing systems, tools & processes that will enhance our support and operations efficiency
  • improving service quality, discipline and reliability throughout lifecycle
  • monitoring operating objectives, streamline and automate intervention
  • continuous learning from Operations experience, modeled as software
  • supporting technical teams and promoting SRE good practice in the organization
  • eventually, creating and managing a team of SREs

Must have :

The ideal candidate:

  • has proven firm-wide successful experience in managing infrastructure
  • has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage cloud-based infrastructure for a fast growing organization
  • has experience with containerization technologies
  • has had exposure to cloud services (AWS)
  • understands how an OS works, knows networking, how git works, and the constraints of a distributed system
  • is proficient in Python
  • likes solving problems once, hates anything manual and repetitive
  • ambitious  and courageous with a cool head

Nice to have :

  • experience with Golang !
  • proficiency in Rust, Elixir or Haskell
  • knowledge of Magento Ecommerce, Symfony, Drupal, eZ Platform, or Typo3 (a lot of our customers run those)
  • working knowledge of Puppet & Fabric
  • public speaking experience
  • mad Debian skillz !

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