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The Higher Education Summit is a unique opportunity for site owners, IT managers, developers, content creators, and agencies dedicated to supporting and advancing the use of Drupal in academia to share, learn, and strengthen our community of practice. Through panels, talks, and ample breakout sessions, participants share and learn from one another’s victories and challenges, and build momentum in cross-institutional initiatives. This year's theme is using Drupal as a collaboration tool (intranets, research sites, data sharing, administrative tasks, portals, etc.).

Please note, this year's summit is on Thursday, not Friday, BADCamp now runs Wednesday to Saturday.

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 8:15      Registration, Coffee, lightning talk sign-up

 9:15      Introductory remarks 

 9:30      Panel on Drupal as a Collaboration Tool

10:45     Break-out Discussions #1

11:45     Lunch + keynote @ ~12:15 

 1:00      Lightning Talks

 2:00      Break-out Discussions #2 

 3:00      Break out Report Back

 3:30      Break-out Discussions #3 (org based)

 4:00      Networking / Happy Hour!


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