- jenlampton MLK Student Union - Stephens Lounge

Backdrop CMS is a content management system based on the Drupal you know and love, but with a new mission that aims to decrease the cost of long-term website ownership. The goal of this Drupal fork is to empower more people to do more things on the web. At the Backdrop Summit you'll learn about the Backdrop software and its differences from the Drupal CMS.

9:00am - Meet & greet / Introductions

9:30am - Session 1: The `why` of Backdrop (Jen & Nate, Backdrop co-founders)

10:15am -- break --

10:30am - Session 2: Backdrop CMS demo (Nate)

11:30am - Session 3: Case Studies - (Jen)

12:00pm -- lunch --

1:30pm - Session 4: Backdrop & Lando for development (Geoff St Pierre, Lando)

2:00pm - Session 5: Backdrop & Pantheon (Matt Cheney, Pantheon)

2:30pm - Session 6: Volunteer / Open Session

3:00pm -- break --

3:15pm - Session 7: Contributing to Backdrop core and contrib (Nate)

4:00pm - Wrap-up & Q&A

4:30pm -- end --

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